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Weekend Wrap: Guelph is Going National

No recap as I was busy with stuff all weekend. There is one game seven already and the potential for more.

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Hannah Foslien


#JetsProspect Scott Kosmachuk is going to the Memorial Cup with the Guelph Storm. Here is the schedule. All games are on Sportsnet.

Randy Carlyle being retained was one thing, but the extension? Michael Traikos feels bad for Toronto Maple Leafs fans.

Cam Charron looks at Randy Carlyle and Jake Gardiner.

That sound you hear? That is all the analytics lovers rejoicing to the news that the NHL is inching towards tracking technology/

James Mirtle investigate the decline of scoring in the playoffs. IMO penalties have to be called no matter what the time of the game/situation.

Saku Koivu refuses to dwell on the possibility of a Montreal Canadiens/Anaheim Ducks series.

Teemu Selanne is still a kid at heart.

Justin Bourne talks about moms who are awesome.

One bitter Leafs fan is close to done with his team.