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NHL Draft Lottery Party: Let's find out where the Winnipeg Jets will pick

It's been a long, arduous season but now we get to sit back, relax and count ping-pong balls.


Now that thirty teams have concluded a regular season which left their blood, sweat, and tears on ice surfaces across NHL arenas, there are only two things left to decide: the 2013-14 Stanley Cup Champion and the winner of the first overall draft pick in this June's draft.

One of these accolades is far more prestigious than the other, but don't try telling that to the fourteen fan-bases eagerly hoping their envelope will be the one opened second to last. Dreams of drafting their choice of Sam Reinhart, Aaron Ekblad or Sam Bennet is all we losers have left.

With that, let's take a look at The Big Board of Draft Lottery Odds to see where the Winnipeg Jets stack up against the pack heading into tonight's battle of ping-pong balls.

NHL Club Odds
Buffalo Sabres 25.0%
Florida Panthers 18.8%
Edmonton Oilers 14.2%
Calgary Flames 10.7%
New York Islanders 8.1%
Vancouver Canucks 6.2%
Carolina Hurricanes 4.7%
Toronto Maple Leafs 3.6%
Winnipeg Jets 2.7%
Anaheim Ducks (via OTT) 2.1%
New Jersey Devils 1.5%
Nashville Predators 1.1%
Phoenix Coyotes 0.8%
Washington Capitals 0.5%

So you're saying there's a chance!? Albeit incredibly minute, the Jets still cling to a 2.7% possibility of obtaining the first overall pick. For comparisons sake, these are about the same odds I have at scoring a date with Taylor Swift. Hey, at least you don't cheer for New Jersey, Nashville, Phoenix or Washington!

The premise of the lottery is simple. Every team has the opportunity to land the top pick in this summer's draft; however, no team can fall further than one spot in the draft order. For Winnipeg, the most likely scenario is that they retain the ninth pick, with the unlikely chance to skyrocket up to number one or fall to number ten.

Please feel free to join us for the course of tonight's riveting action. Will the Edmonton Oilers somehow secure the first selection for the billionth year in a row? Will Jay Feaster's "going for it!" model finally pay off? Stay tuned to find out!