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Axel Blomqvist flourishing with the Victoria Royals.

Axel Blomqvist's production has taken a huge leap forward since being traded from Lethbridge to Victoria. Let's take look what his means for him and what it has meant for his new team.

Marissa Baecker

Prospect Snap Shot will be a semi-regular column that highlights one Winnipeg Jets prospect's recent performance or asks and answers one prospect related question. If you have question or angle that you would like covered, feel free to let us know in the comment section or ask us via the @arcticicehockey Twitter feed.

This has been mentioned before, but Axel Blomqvist is having a breakout season and is right now he likely having a load of fun playing hockey. In addition to signing an entry level NHL contract this season, Blomqvist has been traded from the worst team in the WHL to one of the most dominant teams in the league. The thing is, the Victoria Royals weren't always dominant.

At the time of the Blomqvist trade the Royals were the lowest scoring team in the WHL. They had amassed a 15-11 record and they and were a fringe playoff contender. Adding Axel has lifted their offensive game to new heights and ultimately lifted the team to a new level.

Post trade the Royals have won 26 of their 35 games (just nine losses) and they currently sit third in the WHL's Western Conference. Their 86 points also place them ahead of all their Eastern Conference counterparts. The Royals are now considered a legitimate threat to win Ed Chynoweth Cup.

Blomqvist hasn't been a passenger in this up-turn either, the Winnipeg Jets prospect is scoring at a solid clip. In his 35 games with Victoria, Axel has scored 12 goals and added 24 assists for 36 points. His 1.03 points per game leads the team across his tenure. On the season, Blomqvist has 20 goals and 29 assists for 49 points in 54 games played.

The big bodied forward remains a work in progress and likely a longer term developmental prospect, but the up kick in his scoring pace is definitely encouraging. Blomqvist's mix of size (Blomqvist is listed at 6'6 and 212 lbs and he has room to fill out) and skill will definitely make him one to watch down the road and the fact that he has already signed an ELC should afford him plenty of time to to sort out any kinks in his game. Per his contract, Jets fans will be afforded at least another four years of watching Blomqvist bloom. Hopefully many more.


Axel Blomqvist is currently coached by the father of 6'5 Winnipeg Jets prospect Adam Lowry. If Blomqvist can follow a similar path of development, it will be a great thing for the Jets.