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Preview: Winnipeg Jets vs.Philadelphia Flyers

The Flyers are in Winnipeg tonight to take on the Jets at the MTS Centre. Can the Jets close out this home stand with another win? Will Ondrej Pavelec be ready to go? How many germs will Claude Giroux try to share? Will the Jets' defense make it through another game? Jakub Voracek scares me.

Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets play their last game at the MTS Centre tonight against the Flyers before heading out on the road for a quick two game trip. Coming off an awesome win over the Boston Bruins, the Jets will be looking to close out their home stand with another win before heading to Chicago to face off against an incredibly tough challenge just before Christmas.

Keys to the Game

Winnipeg Jets

Keep it Status Quo: The Jets somehow forgot last game that their defense is pretty much gone to injury and that was nice to see. If they can keep things rolling the way they did against the Bruins, they should have no trouble getting through the Flyers' defense and to the net.

Shoot! SHOOOOOOT!: The Flyers are without Steve Mason (who was injured in practice earlier) and Ray Emery isn't having a great season so far. His record for the season sits at 6-4-1 and his save percentage is currently .894 which ranks him 42nd in the league. Tripping him up should be relatively easy if the Jets just keep putting pressure on and taking shots. Current backup goalie, Rob Zepp, has yet to play an NHL game so the Jets should be able to take advantage of that should he be in net tonight for the Flyers. The whole point is, get traffic to the net and don't hesitate to shoot because you never know what will go in.

Watch out for Giroux: Claude Giroux is pretty stellar, you guys. He's been racking up goals and assists and generally being a pest out there. Jakub Voracek as well. Being aware of where these two are on the ice is going to be key for the Jets. Ensuring that Giroux doesn't have a chance to share bodily fluids with them will be another key to make it through the game without coming down with some form of flu or SARS or something.

Philadelphia Flyers

Paging Mr's Giroux and Voracek: As stated above, these two players should be able to cause a lot of damage out there on the ice against the Jets and I'd expect nothing less from them. Ken Wiebe (Winnipeg Sun) said it all earlier today:

Thanks to a four-assist night in a 7-4 victory over the Toronto Maple Leafs on Saturday, Jake Voracek moved into the NHL scoring lead with 12 goals and 42 points, while centre Claude Giroux enters tonight's action with 10 goals and 39 points, which is good for a tie for second spot with Tyler Seguin of the Dallas Stars.

These two players are incredibly talented and using them against the Jets weaker lines (coughfourthlinecough) will prove to be effective.

Let's get Physical: The Flyers are no strangers to playing a physical game, but the Jets are always happy to oblige regardless of whether or not they should. By wearing the Jets down over the course of the game and drawing them in to pointless fights, the Flyers should be able to gain the upper hand (if they can get past the Jets penalty kill that is). Playing aggressively and making smart hits out there should rattle the Jets enough that the Flyers can get past the Jets injured defense and get those goals.

Player to Boo Mercilessly

Mr. BoogerShare Von BiteyJersey himself.


Jets 3

Flyers 1

Everyone: Mumps