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Bright Lights, Big City: Jets in New York to face off against the Rangers

The Winnipeg Jets have traveled to the Big Apple to take on the Rangers tonight. Will they come away with the win or will Rick Nash and friends dominate the game?

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sport

The Jets are in New York tonight to take on the Rangers. Having lost to the Devils in the shoot out last game, the Jets should be looking to end this one in 60 minutes as the Rangers have too many skilled shooters on their team to allow it to get to the shoot out again. That being said though, this Rangers team has been off to a slow start this season, though not quite as terrible as the Jets. Lundqvist has had some challenges but I don't expect him to be a slouch if he's in tonight.

Unavailable tonight for the Jets is Anthony Peluso who's out with an upper body injury. The Rangers will be without Dan Boyle (fractured hand) and Derek Stepan (fractured fibula). Also missing from the ice for the Rangers will be John Moore who decided that blatantly hitting Erik Haula in the head was a great idea and has subsequently been suspended for 5 games.

Some Thoughts

Winnipeg Jets

1) SHOOOOOOOOOT: A few of the biggest foibles from the last game against the Devils came from the Jets not taking shots at the net when they clearly should have. Holding on to the puck just a few seconds too long or opting to pass to another player instead of taking the shot led the Jets away from the chance at more goals and the possible win. Take some chances, Jets, just don't be silly about it.

2) Watch out for Rick Nash: Seriously. The guy is on fire right now with 9 goals and 9 games played and he just looks good out there.

3) Follow the Wheeler: Blake Wheeler has been a shining star out there this season so far. Unfortunately, right now the guys that are making moves and sticking with the play can't afford to have an off night, so hopefully he can keep it up and continue rolling with the goals and assists. His consistency in play is what's going to benefit the team in the long run. If more guys could pick up on the example he, along with a few others including Bryan Little, are providing that would do wonders for the team.

New York Rangers

1) Watch the Lines: It's no secret that the Jets top two lines are their best and that after the second it's a steep drop off in talent  The Rangers can maximize the use of their players by ensuring that their best is out there against the Jets worst.

2) Power play struggle: Without Dan Boyle, the Rangers power play looks like a dumpster fire. It will be key for the Rangers to get things rolling on the power play as the Jets are getting decent at this penalty killing thing and are currently ranked 10th in the league (85.0 PCT).

3) Slow and Steady wins the race: I'm not saying the Rangers should play like they're a day away from needing a hip replacement, but slowing down the pace a bit and not allowing the Jets quick skaters to get moving will help them get the win. The Jets have many speedy players and by clogging things up and slowing the pace of the game, the Rangers will have more chances at scoring as well as more chances at annoying the crap out of the Jets.

Player to Boo Mercilessly

Take your pick really. I nominate Chris Kreider, but there's also Tanner Glass...... yeah, no, wait. Boo Tanner Glass. Just boo him. It'll feel right and good, I promise.

Do not under any circumstances boo Dominic Moore. The man's a saint and booing him causes bad karma.


Jets win! Jets win!