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Winnipeg Jets sign Paul Postma to two-year $1.425MM deal

One more signing and one less arbitration hearing on the schedule. The Winnipeg Jets have locked Paul Postma down for two more years.

Bruce Bennett

Paul Postma isn't one of the big signings that everyone has been clamoring for, but he is one of the Winnipeg Jets' younger players and exactly the type of player that General Manager Kevin Cheveldayoff needed to sign. And sign him Cheveldayoff did, locking up the right-handed defenceman to a two-year $712,500K AAV contract.

This is excellent value for a young player who still has a lot of upside. Even if you aren't a believer and only see Postma as a fifth or sixth defender and power play specialist, he is on a great value contract. If he can continue to round out his defensive game and take on a bigger role, the value only increases.

Postma is coming off an up-and-down rookie campaign, but he was clearly showing progress as the season wore on. He appeared to grow more confident in his decision making and was able to flash his high end offensive abilities with more regularity.

Paul Postma

#4 / Defenseman / Winnipeg Jets



Feb 22, 1989

2012 - Paul Postma 34 4 5 9 -5 6 2 0 0 32 12.5

Season GP TOI/60 Pts/60 Corsi Rel On-Ice Sht % On-Ice Sv% PDO Pen Take Pen Drawn OZ Strt%
2013 34 12.88 0.69 +9.9 6.93 905 975 0.4 0.1 60.9

Postma's contract was always going to be an interesting one to watch. The defenceman, amicably termed "The Postman" has only logged 38 NHL games to date so a one year deal would have left him at risk of becoming a Group 6 UFA upon season's end. His two year deal likely renders this concern moot. Even if he spends some time in the press box or gets dinged up from time to time he should be able to hit the 80 game threshold before he is up for renewal.

What do you think of this signing? Share your thoughts below.