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Wednesday Morning Altitude Check: Winnipeg Jets one win from .500 at home

Today's open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Winnipeg Jets-related news and notes.

Marianne Helm

Hey all! Here is our feature running Monday through Friday that will bring you up to date on what's going on in the media pertaining to the Winnipeg Jets and elsewhere in the NHL.

Here is what's in the news for Wednesday, March 13, 2013:

Winnipeg Jets' news:

The Jets earned a home win and scored a powerplay goal last night, which is as rare as a dodo bird sighting. [WFP]

More recap from the Winnipeg Sun. [Winnipeg Sun]

For a Maple Leafs perspective, visit our pals at Pension Plan Puppets. [PPP]

Winnipeg needed to be better at home and they definitely were last night. Now to carry this forward through the second half of the season. [WFP]

Seeing as one cannot read the Winnipeg Jets from night to night, is it fair to call the team an enigma? [Winnipeg Sun]

Does TNSE's long-term planning mean Claude Noel is here to stay? [WFP]

Around the NHL:

So after dominating the NHL's Western Conference for the better part of two months, the Chicago Blackhawks are suddenly struggling after back-to-back losses. [SB Nation]

The Ottawa Senators have traded a sixth round pick to the Minnesota Wild for pugilist Matt Kassian. [Silver Seven]

Watch as Corey Perry earns himself a very long suspension win this hit on Jason Zucker. (VIDEO) [SB Nation]

This week's 30 Thoughts revolves around Corey Perry and his future with the Anaheim Ducks after their re-signing of Ryan Getzlaf. [CBC]

Hey look, Brent Burns is playing at forward again! [Puck Daddy]

Finally, the story of Florida Panthers prospect Scott Timmins who was arrested for waking up drunk in a strangers San Antonio, TX home. [CBC]