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POLL: Who would you rather party with, Drunk Hawks Fan or Flyers Bro?

In a battle of two beauties, we want to know who you'd rather party with: Drunk Hawks Fan or Flyers Bro?

Sure, we're a little over one week late to the party, but it dawned on us tonight that it was illogical to have a post dedicated to Flyers Bro and to not share the greatness of the Drunk Hawks Fan.

So here it goes.

Look at this beauty. Nothing in the world truly beats the moment when Drunk Hawks Fan looks to his female companion in a glazed stupor as if to say "holy shit, I just stole Adam Pardy's helmet and put it on my head! Can you believe it!? Adam Pardy! It's his helmet! I am Drunk Hawks Fan! This is awesome!"


Yeah, Drunk Hawks Fan is super legit. But don't sell Flyers Bro short. He's younger so his drinking threshold is likely much higher. Furthermore, you can tell that Flyers Bro is still competent and capable of forming audible words let alone full sentences. Plus, ladies love the flow and wearing a pair of Zoomies is always a good conversation starter.


Since we love each and every reader on our site, we want to give you the option to vote on who you'd prefer at the club helping you get all banged up in your pursuit of chasing girls.

Tell us who your ultimate wingman is: Drunk Hawks Fan or Flyers Bro?

Ed. Note: We are completely aware that Drunk Hawks Fan will run away with this poll in a landslide.

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