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BW Chart for Jets vs Leafs 1/5

Sucky suck suck suck. It's one thing to play crappy two games in a row, but it's another to lose to the Canadiens and Maple Leafs on top of it. You'll remember, of course, that the question going into our Jets Wild Road Adventure was "Can the Jets become Road Warriors?" Well, after two games, we're more like Road Quakers. And the Quakers didn't last too long in the NHL.

It might be best to put the children in a different room; you don't want them around for this...


Vertical Blue Lines -- Our goals

Vertical Black Lines -- Their goals

Shaded Green -- Powerplays

Shaded Pink -- Penalty kills


  • We began the game with so much promise...only to relinquish the shot lead and never regain it. It looked piss-poor on the eye test, and the differential pretty much confirms that yeah, we were piss-poor.
  • See those pinkish bars? That's what we don't want to do. It's called "sucking the life out of us." Stop taking penalties.
  • I'm not utterly convinced that we can't play well on the road, but we really need to figure out our ass from our elbow in the defensive zone. How many of those goals were due to odd positioning and blown coverage? Okay, that plus a dash of dumb moves with the puck...