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BW Chart for Jets vs Devils 1/14

In a dose of coincidental hilarity, I was searching Google for previous BW Charts posts and found that I'm not the only horse in town. To wit, "BW Charts" already exist. Don't worry, not for hockey - for Starcraft and Warcraft. I suppose I would know that if I played either game. You can expect a name change in the immediate future, though I haven't decided yet.

Last afternoon's game was a bit less ugly than the Sharks tilt, but nonetheless deflating. We held the lead until the third, then two unanswered goals left us scrambling to get back in the game. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like we really scrambled much at all.


Vertical Blue Lines -- Our goals

Vertical Black Lines -- Their goals

Shaded Green -- Powerplays

Shaded Pink -- Penalty kills


  • Hey, we took advantage of a powerplay!
  • Hey, we didn't let them take advantage of their powerplay!
  • Hey, we took three penalties to their one.
  • It was a competitive game, and you'd be hard pressed to blame Ondrej Pavelec for this one. He stood on his head, made a couple of incredible saves (including a save on a Patrik Elias penalty shot), and the two goals scored against him were well screened.
  • One of those screens didn't involve the Devils. It was Ron Hainsey, who attempted to block the shot 5 feet in front of Pavs rather than moving forward to sweep the puck away. If I'm a goalie, I don't want anybody blocking shots that close to me (unless I'm out of the net).
  • We lost, but it wasn't like the Sharks game. Let's dust ourselves off and get ready for the Sens.