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The NHL's Most Interesting Name: 1920s & 30s Part III


Photo by Arturo Mann via Wikimedia Commons

Note: Stick around to vote after the jump.

As we move into the third and final preliminary installment for the 1920s and 30s, no doubt you must be blown away by the amount of old-timey flavour we've had going on here and here (first one has an explanation of the series and structure). It looks like we'll be carrying over Obs Heximer, Baldy Cotton, and Hib Milks (if you haven't voted, go to the second hyperlink above and help out) from the second installment. Just a quick clarification note; I'm putting the names in eras in which they first appear. As mentioned before, use the comments to put in suggestions for names I missed - I'll put them together in an honourable mention round later. Be sure they're from the period I covered, though.

Have a look below to see our next set of nominees and vote on who will make the penultimate 1920s/30s round...

  • Mush March - Named after a cartoon character, his alliterative name rolls off the tongue. The longtime Blackhawk was tiny like a baby.
  • Nobby Clark - Not really sure how a person comes by the nickname "Nobby" (his given name was Patrick), but the added intrigue is that the original singer of the Bay City Rollers was also Nobby Clark.
  • Rennison Manners - Unlike a number of these guys, this was his real name. He also played for the Philadelphia Quakers, which somehow seems appropriate.
  • Buzz Boll - Sounds like something they should make a PSA about.
  • Dit Clapper - The Hall of Famer also specialized in sounding very close to something dirty. Impeccable hair.
  • Red Heron - Exotic, timid, the Red Heron survives on fish and seaweed; when looking for a mate, he displays his luscious, full duck's ass haircut.
  • Yip Radley - Not quite as scary as his brother Boo.
  • Jean Pusie - One of those cases where the French pronunciation probably didn't help him. Ironically, he was a bit of a dick (according to some historians; gotta love Joe Pelletier referring to "The Pusie Legend"). I guess I would be too, thinking of what kind of jokes I'd have to deal with.
  • Fido Purpur - This one kind of carries itself.

Next up: we'll bring the top 3 from each of the previous posts and put them to final vote for the era.