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Which NHL team do you dislike the most?

Simple question, complex answer.

- Growing up in Winnipeg, I knew there were elderly people around who liked the Toronto Maple Leafs, but certainly everyone my age was a Jets fans. Of course when I started university in Ontario, I was shocked to find that there were real, live, actual Leafs fans out there.

- Also, growing up in Winnipeg, I hated Wayne Gretzky. And the Oilers. It hurts to look for Jets memorabilia in Winnipeg today and find huge stacks of Oilers jerseys.

- And I hated Calgary and Lanny McDonald's mustache.

- The Canucks sucked when I was a kid, so I merely pitied them. As they improved, I grew to dislike them. Also, their fans have now ransacked their own city twice in recent memory.

- I dislike all of the Jets' new opponents in the Southeast Division, particularly the Florida Panthers.

I'm sure there's more, but that's enough for now. Please fill out our poll and let us know which team Jets fans dislike the most!