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Altitude Check: Monday December 12, 2011 Winnipeg Jets Headlines

Hey all! This is a new feature running Monday through Friday that will bring you up to date on what's going on in the media pertaining to the Winnipeg Jets.

Here are your headlines for Monday December 12, 2011:

After getting drummed Saturday in Detroit, the Jets now prepare for the Western Conference leading Minnesota Wild. "It’s one of those games where you usually come back and have a lot better game after it. We were on a high for a while, and this game kind of brought us back down to earth. We realize we’re not where we should be yet. We have a lot to learn still." [Winnipeg Sun]

Reliving Saturday's beat down. [Toronto Star]

Discussing Ondrej Pavelec's performance as of late. [WFP]

Why Saturday's loss is little more than a blip on the screen. [Jets Nation]

We have talked about it a bit here, but the Jets really stink in back-to-backs. Here are the numbers, and they are porous. [Toronto Sun]

Good news everyone! "Tobias Enstrom in a blue jersey. (Not red). Will ask coach about his status." [Twitter, via Illegal Curve]

Winnipeg Jets license plates go on sale today. [WFP]

Puck Daddy's Ryan Lambert on What We Learned, Winnipeg Jets: "The Jets need more emotion if they're going to compete with the Wings, according to Claude Noel. Also, more players that aren't bad." [Puck Daddy]

Shaw and MTS are having a tough time working their phones as thousands have been signing up for TSN Jets. "We're seeing thousands of customers subscribe to TSN Jets with Shaw each day. It is fantastic to see the support Winnipeg is bringing to its home team." "Thousands of MTS customers have signed up for the TSN Jets channel on MTS TV. With all of the excitement surrounding the Jets, we're happy to provide the service to our customers and pleased with the results so far." [WFP]

Finally, please make sure to participate in our shot quality contest [Arctic Ice Hockey]