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Goaltender Performance Relative to Shot Quality (Stats sheet alpha version)

Frequent commenter, hockey analyst and friend-of-the-site Mike Schuckers has a number of pieces about what he calls "Defense-Independent Goaltender Ratings." This is essentially a metric that backs out any variation in shot location that different goaltenders face. I built a system very similar to Mike's and I put the results in yet another stats sheet - here's a link for 2007-08 to 2010-11 results:

Columns are:

2-4) Shots against, Goals Against and Opponent Shooting Percentage @ 5v5

5-6) Expected Goals Against and Expected Opponent Shooting Percentage @ 5v5

-> This captures the locations of shots against

7) Delta between Expected and Actual Save Percentage @ 5v5

-> This shows how much a goalie has over-performed (or under-performed) an average goalie who saw shots from the same locations

As you continue on, you see all shots, then 5v5 results and all shots for the last four seasons.

Let me know if you have any questions. And, as always, if you enjoy the stats we produce here and make use of them, please consider making a donation to our favorite charity, Education in Need El Salvador.