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The One That Got Away: Jets Lose a Game They Should've Won

Welp, at least it was exciting. Outshot those New York buggers 28 to 17, and it was legit; we were putting the pressure on. There were two memorable flurries, one obviously being the scramble at the end with an empty net and a big ol' cluster-F in front of the net, but also an incredible run of even-strength hockey earlier that period. Basically, we had their guys stuck out in their defensive zone, one guy without a stick and multiple Dustin Byfuglien bruises. In neither case could we put the damn puck home. These are the kinds of games you can't beat yourself up about; the game was back-and-forth, but the Jets had a lot of prime scoring opportunities that just didn't go. This isn't like the Senators game, where they played like crap, looked like crap, and the numbers said they were crap. There were redeemable things in this effort.

Final - 10.24.2011 1 2 3 Total
New York Rangers 0 1 1 2
Winnipeg Jets 0 1 0 1

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1st Period: No scoring

2nd Period: 5:51 New York PP Goal, Ruslan Fedotenko (Dan Girardi, Michael Del Zotto); 14:29 Winnipeg ES Goal, Nik Antropov (Alexander Burmistrov, Evander Kane)

3rd Period: 8:41 New York PP Goal, Ryan Callahan (Ruslan Fedotenko, Dan Girardi)

Shots: Winnipeg 28, New York 17

  • I'm just going to ignore the fact that we gave Ruslan Fedotenko two points. There are things you just don't talk about.
  • Oh, and this is for the refs: I understand that part of the reason you are a ref is because you weren't up to snuff as a hockey player, or you really like wearing the stripes whatever, but I know you have the footwork necessary to get out of the freakin' way. I can't even count on two hands how many times refs have given favorable bounces or straight-up bodychecked our guys in these first seven games. I'm sure this is a skill and it will happen less going forward, I'd just like you guys to get skilled sooner rather than later.
  • You hear that, Arby? Beyak's telling me that Dustin Byfuglien is not going back to forward, not ever. Of course he likes it, because it's fun to dick around at the point, especially when you're big and you have a big shot. In his defence, a constant problem is nobody is cycling back to cover when he jumps up. It's leading to way too many odd-man rushes.
  • We peppered Martin Biron, and he and his merry men blocked everything we had. If we can continue to output that many shots, we will be more fortunate in the future. I guarantee it.
  • Fetch and I are having a lively debate over the name of the Burmistrov - Antropov - Kane line. He wants to call it "BAK in the USSR", and I want to call it "AK 47", which is much cooler. Vote below, and whomever votes against me will be banned. Kidding. Or am I? Do you feel lucky?
  • Mark Stuart filled his quota of one big hit a game, on Ryan Callahan, because he's the boogeyman.
  • Zach Bogosian played the wind chimes about as hard as anyone I've ever seen. So close.
  • Burmi got another point, he and Antropov and Kane are BFF's, and I fully expect them to stick together for most of the season (barring injury). We'll start thinking of them as the 1st forward line soon, with Ladd's Little Wheeler holding down the fort as the tough-matchup 2nd line. And that's A-OK with me.
  • Chris Mason played a solid game; I really have a hard time blaming him for the first goal on the powerplay, and the second one was looney tunes bad luck. Way to go, beard.
  • Blake Wheeler looked like baby diapers out there. He couldn't snap the funk tonight, which is okay because we all have our off-nights. I'll see you later this week, Blake, and quit playing games with our heart.
  • Bryan Little is on the Winnipeg Jets. Confirmed tonight. Where ya been, Little Bryan?
  • Andrew Ladd has decided to continue to wear a visor even after he heals up. Which is good, because my god what is that thing
  • I'm serious. We should feel good about this one. The Jets played plus hockey. Crazy hockey, but plus hockey nonetheless.