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World Cup: Ten-Longest Goals thus Far

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Only 10 out of 57 goals have been scored from 18 yards away from the goal or further:

Player Position Team Opponent Distance
Kalu Uche Midfielder Nigeria Greece 38.1
Diego Forlán Striker Uruguay South Africa 29.8
Clint Dempsey Midfielder USA England 25.7
Valter Birsa Midfielder Slovenia USA 25.6
Dimitrios Salpingidis Striker Greece Nigeria 25.4
Wesley Sneijder Midfielder Netherlands Japan 24.6
Robert Koren Midfielder Slovenia Algeria 23.0
Siphiwe Tshabalala Midfielder South Africa Mexico 19.6
Maicon Defender Brazil North Korea 19.4
Elano Midfielder Brazil North Korea 18.0

Uche's goal is worth another look - it's not clear what the Greek goaltender was doing...