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I did not make this up, btw.


"I'm not sure if i am missing something but when does knocking off the presidents trophy winner and then the defending Stanley Cup Champ stop being 'luck'. i think that it's time to give the team and coaches their due.
Anyone that says let's see what happens next i just being silly - they beat the best team and the champs in 7 games series! That is not luck. I love numbers too but, and i mean this as a compliment, not as much as you but anyone that knows number knows that percentages are not absolutes. Just because they beat the percentages is not necessarily luck - yes that sounds funny but it still is true. Ask a good poker player and he will tell you that percentages are only one of many factors to be considered when making a bet. No diferent here that the percentages you reference are but one component.
Example - Montreal was clearly in Pitts head why else does Crosby take a horrible penalty 10 seconds !!!! into the game -that's not luck that's part of the game that you can't reference statistically.
At the end of the day the final score of the game justifies who is the best
not shots on goal or scoring chances and over two seven games series the better team won out."