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Olympic Hockey Analysis Open Thread: Submit your Questions!

I have to admit I'm pretty stoked for the Olympics. I put in for the ticket lottery and ended up with tickets for Canada's quarter-final game and for one of the semi-finals. So I'm heading up to Vancouver next week for the QFs and SFs. I'm going to have to leave the blog on auto-pilot for a week, but I wanted to fill it up with Olympic analysis (or if you think non-Olympic analysis would be more interesting, that too...)

Anyways, here's an open thread to suggest topics for analysis. I'm still working through some of the questions from December in case you were wondering, but I'll attend to Olympic questions in a more timely manner.

So far I have three Olympic pieces in the pipe:

1) Changes in the level of competition at the Olympics since 1980

2) All-Time Scoring Leaders in top international tournaments.

3) A quick look at Jochen Hecht in an attempt to figure out why he was initially left off the German roster.

I can figure out a few more, but I'd rather write something that interests everyone!