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Will Evander Kane face any supplemental discipline for swinging violently at Alexei Emelin with his own helmet?

Evander Kane might find himself getting a call from Brendan Shanahan after swinging Alexei Emelin's helmet at him during a third period fight.

At the tail-end of a 4-1 drubbing administered by the skillful hands of the Montreal Canadiens, Evander Kane had reached his boiling point. In a scrum against the boards, Kane and Habs defenceman Alexei Emelin traded elbows before both players dropped the their gloves to fight.

Then then things got crazy.

It appears as though Kane violently removes Emelin's helmet and then swings it wildly in the Russian's direction. Fortunately, reinforced plastic didn't hit cranium and Emelin walked away unscathed, save for a few good lumps administered by the right hand of Kane.

Kane was assessed an additional ten minute misconduct for his actions before being ejected from the contest. On Twitter, there was initial disbelief as to what had taken place:

The question now becomes whether or not Kane faces any supplemental discipline for his actions.