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TSN 1290 is covering Jacob Trouba's press conference after he signed with the Winnipeg Jets this morning

Jacob Trouba will talk about his decision to join the Winnipeg Jets with local media streaming live this morning on TSN 1290.

Bruce Bennett

If this NHL Trade Deadline has you planning a late morning nap then you should bump it back about an hour. At 11:00AM, TSN 1290 will stream Jacob Trouba's press conference after the prospect signed with his entry-level contract with Winnipeg Jets earlier this morning.

Given the frantic pace of this morning's deadline coverage (not!), this is unequivocally the biggest news to likely happen to the Jets all day. The University of Michigan defenceman has decided to forgo his sophomore season under head coach Red Berenson, instead trading in the Wolverines maze and blue for the polar blue of the Winnipeg Jets.

Before we begin concocting trade scenarios that involve Dustin Byfuglien moving to right wing and Trouba becoming our perennial all-star defenceman, keep in mind his current value to the team remains unknown.

All things considered, we're hopeful that Trouba's anecdotes are more insightful that the trade coverage we've received today from the talking heads of TSN and Sportsnet.