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Poll: Should the Winnipeg Jets look to buy or sell before today's NHL Trade Deadline takes affect?

The trade deadline is merely hours away. Will Kevin Cheveldayoff look to rid himself of expiring contracts or go for broke in an attempt to make the playoffs?

Bruce Bennett

Over the past few months, our hair has turned a little bit greyer as we fret over the final outcome of each and every game. Our faces have begun to show the aging and wear that only associates itself with the drudgery of the NHL's final stretch. Our teeth are gritted as we clench and grind with each missed opportunity and near chance. Our fingernails have been anxiously chewed to nubs while we constantly refresh the standings page in order to see how a night of action has affected our collective teams.

These are the daily musings of the average NHL fan. We are a fickle bunch; creatures of routine, habit and superstition. Come the time of year that separates contenders from pretenders, all of our imperfections seem to magnify themselves tenfold. We become mere characters of ourselves, living vicariously through each elating moment and gut-wrenching pitfall.

As the clock continues to tick down to April 27, 2013 and the culmination of another regular season -- albeit abridged -- today we take pause to bask in the enthusiasm and promise we felt with the first clean patch of ice symbolizing the start of another new year. Whether cheering for a 2013 Stanley Cup favourite or an underachieving cellar dweller, today we are all on an even page as General Managers and their staffs huddle into dimly lit board rooms, in hopes to better our team's for tomorrow. Dishevelled after weeks of fielding phone call after phone call and scouting endless player film, these GM's have until 3:00PM EST today to stock up for their playoff push or build towards a run next year.

While the picture may be clear in other cities, the Winnipeg Jets are currently stuck between a rock and a hard place. Currently holding a two-point edge in the Southeast Division standings, the club has dropped four games straight and inch closer to tumbling from their third place perch to finding themselves on the outside of the playoffs looking in.

With that in hand, Jets' GM Kevin Cheveldayoff enters today armed with a choice: to discard the expiring contracts of Ron Hainsey, Nik Antropov and Grant Clitsome or to chug a vat of Jay Feaster Kool-Aid, say "fuck it!" while mindlessly placing all his chips in the middle of the table and giving himself up to the art of "going for it". Cheveldayoff has yet to tip his hand one way or the other, so anyone's guess is as good as mine as to how today will unfold.

Having said that, since Trade Deadline Day is tailor made for opinion and off-based insight, so we open the floor to you, our wonderful readers. Be as zany and creative as you'd like; nobody is going to hold you down afterward and mock you for boasting nonsensical drivel. And even if they do, there's still no way in hell you'll come of as being more crazy than Jay Feaster.

What say you, Winnipeg Jets fans: Should Kevin Cheveldayoff look to buy, sell or stand pat heading into today's deadline. Be sure to offer us some crazy trade scenarios in the comments section because seriously, it's why we all refresh this site religiously.