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Game Recap: Winnipeg Jets vs. Vegas Golden Knights

The Winnipeg Jets are back in action, hunting for a playoff spot to try and salvage whatever remains of this season. Should they be trying to force a run? Probably not! Do I still hope that, should they make it, they go far? You bet! Will they still need a new coaching staff and management team? Most definitely. For a night, though, the Jets welcomed their old nemesis in the Vegas Golden Knights. Vegas has been feeling a bit blue lately, what with the slate of injuries and mediocre performances on the ice. Even still, the Knights ran circles around the Jets for half the game and still managed to find a way to lose 4-0. You have to be in pretty dire straits if you dominate Winnipeg and come away looking like you got slapped silly.

Seven Takeaways

  1. The newcomers in Appleton (only sorta new) and Sanford had passable nights. Most of the Jets skaters weren’t great so bear in mind, these assessments are relative. Both 3rd liners did their jobs well enough. I’m sure Appleton will start to show some offensive spark in the coming weeks.
  2. Ehlers was probably Winnipeg’s best skater on the night. His creativity and vision continues to dazzle. I say this a lot these days but I’m so glad he’s back.
  3. The rest of the Jets were less than stellar. The less said, the better.
  4. Hellebuyck was an absolute brick wall. It’s been a while since we’ve seen a performance as dominant and controlled as this one from him. If the Jets want to make any post-season noise, it starts with the man between the pipes.
  5. The line-up was actually decently balanced relative to expectations. It’s a shame it didn’t perform anywhere near what it should have. It often feels like this team lacks conviction or drive, and I don’t know where the fingers should be pointed first. The Jets have a lot of issues.
  6. Winnipeg has got to stop playing quarters or halves of hockey games. They need to put together as much of a full 60 minutes as they can. The Jets were fortunate the Knights weren’t all that deadly, but better teams will prey on such mediocre efforts.
  7. The Jets are just a few points out of a Wild Card spot. I’m not sure whether I’m excited or terrified…
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