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Game Recap: Winnipeg Jets vs. San Jose Sharks

The Winnipeg Jets are coming to the end of their season, and it sure feels like that end will be game 82. The playoff hopes are rapidly fading, replaced with the reality of Nashville and Calgary steadily gaining ground on the Jets. It is so Winnipeg to squander one of the best season starts in recent memory during the home stretch. These last few months should have been a victory lap for a top-3 divisional finish. Instead, Winnipeg is on the verge of missing the post-season for a second straight season. Perhaps it is better this way.

I typically offer a period-by-period breakdown of games, but it’d be too much effort for a game against San Jose that was unmemorable. The only thing worth pointing out was that the Jets somehow got shutout by James Reimer, one of the worst goalies in the NHL. Winnipeg’s habit of shooting from everywhere but the low slot reared its head once again. A combination of poor line-up choices, baffling deployments, luck, and poor finishing ability took care of the rest. I genuinely look forward to the end of the season. It can’t come fast enough.

Five Takeaways

  1. The offense is beyond cooked. The Jets shoot a lot, and generate little actual danger off of much of it. Where is the slot offense?
  2. Bones had Ehlers out there for about 15 seconds more than the fourth line. Unacceptable. Beyond unacceptable.
  3. This was Scheifele’s most “okay” game of late, and he was still a non-factor. Brother wants to be anywhere else, that much is clear.
  4. Bones has lost the team and has no answers. That says it all.
  5. Hope you aren’t expecting a playoff run, because there’s a good chance we won’t get it.
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