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Recap: Winnipeg Jets defeat Edmonton Oilers in a wild one

The second half of a back to back in two cities by the same two teams gave us everything.

Edmonton Oilers v Winnipeg Jets Photo by Jonathan Kozub/NHLI via Getty Images

Saturday’s game was not a must win for the Winnipeg Jets, but it felt like they needed to beat the Edmonton Oilers to in a big way and they did. They were not only able to keep Connor McDavid from scoring a goal for two games, but they were also able to keep up with the Oilers after looking like they were unable to skate with them the night before. It was a nice change.

The Oilers started Jack Campbell which from what I gather is a bold move even on the second half of a back to back. The Jets started Connor Hellebuyck who did get a period of rest last night and while he was leakier than normal, he was still better than Campbell which is all the Jets needed. Remember, you do not have to play like you should be handed the Vezina every night; you are allowed some off games as long as you play well enough for your team to win.

Finally, the Jets made some needed changes on defence by injecting both Dylan Samberg and Kyle Capobianco into the lineup. Capobianco was in for Nate Schmidt who was a healthy scratch last night and played an excellent game. Hopefully he will get more games and will continue to be an effective. Alas, Bowness might consider it a message received type situation and not scratch Schmidt for a second game.

Ten Thoughts

  1. If there is one special night the Jets always nail, it is WASAC Night and tonight was no different. The Oilers decided to get in on it as well by joining the Jets in wearing warm up jerseys that were designed by a local Indigenous artist that they wear on their Indigenous Night. It is a small, but lovely gesture to see from the Jets long time rival.
  2. The Jets needed to have a much better first period than they did on Friday night and they did. Even with the early penalty and subsequent goal against, they were able to regroup and not entering a spiral.
  3. The Jets were able to score two goals in the first and looked really good doing it. They outshot and dare I say outplayed the Oilers in the first which is a turn of events from recent game for the Jets. It is something that the Jets have desperately needed and good to see.
  4. The second period started off normal and then became wild. The normal was Leon Draisaitl scoring his second goal. The wild was...everything else.
  5. Adam Lowry scored his first goal in a billion games, Kyle Capobianco scored a goal that should not go in, but hey Jack Campbell.
  6. There was a lot of chaos at the end of the period that included a fight and a goal, but I am just sitting here trying to figure out what Saku Maenalanen brings to the Jets.
  7. I keep on wanting to say something about Connor Hellebuyck, but really cannot stop getting distracted by his gorgeous mask. Sometimes you just have to admire art.
  8. Speaking of Hellebuyck, he has played very well even if it is not up to his standard form. You don’t feel nervous when the puck comes close to him.
  9. General rule of thumb when it comes to the Oilers: it is okay with Draisaitl or McDavid score. No shame in that, especially in regards to McDavid who the Jets are oddly good at controlling.
  10. The Jets played a good game and deserved the win. While there was a lot of goals, the Jets seemed to have the upper hand with the Oilers chasing most of the night. Solid game and a good response to Bowness challenging them to do something. It was a solid response from a team that has needed one for a while now.