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The Winnipeg Jets Bid Adieu to Beaulieu

Nate is joining the Pittsburgh Penguins.

NHL: Dallas Stars at Winnipeg Jets James Carey Lauder-USA TODAY Sports

The Winnipeg Jets have sent Nate Beaulieu to Pittsburgh in exchange for a conditional 7th round pick. I’m sure the conditions are something along the lines of “please just take him”. The former Buffalo and Montreal defender has had a tumultuous tenure with the Jets. While Nate was never afraid to drop the gloves to stick up for a team-mate, his on-ice performance left much to be desired. The contract coming off the books opens a small bit of cap space, but more importantly opens a spot for a young Jets defender to see ice-time. The Penguins are likely looking to add a cheap depth defender in case of injury. I’m not sure they’d be overly thrilled if he were to become a regular. All that said, Mike Sullivan has a habit of making cardboard cutouts look like top-line skaters so maybe he can resurrect Beaulieu’s more competent performances of yore.