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Recap: Ol’ Blasty got blasted by the Jets

These late games will end me.

Winnipeg Jets v Calgary Flames Photo by Gerry Thomas/NHLI via Getty Images

The Winnipeg Jets played another clinical game against the Calgary Flames. They didn’t need fancy or anything, they just needed to be good and that is what they were. They got good goaltending, they scored some nice goals, and they could go to bed with the idea that they can do almost the exact same thing today and not worry. The Flames are struggling and the Jets playing like they did is a great response to their opponents struggles.

The Jets were on the ball the entire night and it looks like the forward lines are finally working. I know that for a while the Blake Wheeler/Mark Scheifele/Paul Stastny line was not doing well at even strength, but they are at least starting to score and not look out of place as a line. Of course the commentary could be playing into my perception of their play.

The commentary was what stood out about the game to me. It was so uneven. As much as I didn’t like Shane Hnidy, he was better than Kevin Sawyer who seems to think that being a balanced coloured commentator means agreeing with some bad non-calls on obvious penalties instead of explaining why something isn’t working as well as it should be or why a player is struggling. Dennis Beyak is good at his job though and with a good colour guy, he is able to call a good game and not go off of weird digressions. Anyways, sorry for the thoughts.

Anyways, the Jets are looking like a complete team when they play against teams that they should beat. Their power play is clicking. They are capable of getting the goaltending they need to win. Even in the one goal game last night, Connor Hellebuyck looked in control all night and it was only two goals essentially banked in right in front of him that got the Flames on the board. Basically, they were stoppable, but not expected saves.

Finally, the best part of the game was the Flames jerseys and the beauty that was known as Jacob Markstrom’s gear including a matte helmet. Ol’ Blasty might be old, but he is a blast.