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Connor Hellebuyck: Vezina Winner

Calgary Flames v Winnipeg Jets Photo by Jeff Vinnick/Getty Images

Did you ever watch a Winnipeg Jets game this year and wonder how in the world the Jets won? If you did, the answer was almost certainly Connor Hellebuyck. Hellebuyck was dominant this season for the Jets leading them to countless undeserved victories.

He had a rough start to pre-season if I can remember correctly (it was literally a year ago), but his regular season was sparkling. He started in 56 games with a save percentage of 92.2% and a GAA of 2.57. He did this all while contending with too many five alarm chances and too little support.

Hellebuyck only received 19 first place votes and barely won the Vezina all things considered. Based on his team and the quality of defence Hellebuyck had in front of him, I am shocked it was not by more. But Hellebuyck is the rightful winner and that is all that matters. Now get him so good defenders.