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David Gustafsson to Tingsryds

NHL: Heritage Classic-Calgary Flames at Winnipeg Jets Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

As per the above tweet, the Winnipeg Jets’ David Gustafsson will begin the season over in Sweden before returning to North America for the return of the NHL season. This is a smart move for both the Jets and Gustafsson as it will allow him to play games while the NHL sorts out what their return to play regular season will look like and when it will start.

Gustafsson needs to be playing and this move allows for him to do that. It is also to the second tier league in Sweden which is ideal for the team itself as they will hopefully be able to give him more ice time and time to develop than one of the top teams period. This will be a good developmental step for Gustafsson and possibly the first of many young players in North America who will play at home for the start of the season until the NHL returns to play. Unlike lockout years, the AHL will also not be running. It will be on an extended hiatus as well as they try and figure out how they return to play safely. Europe might be the best option for young players until that plan is started.