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Winnipeg Jets as Avengers

If the Winnipeg Jets were the Avengers, which ones would they be?

Chicago Blackhawks v Los Angeles Kings Photo by Noah Graham/NHLI via Getty Images

Imagine the Winnipeg Jets were the Avengers by day and hockey players by night? Who would be which Avenger and why?

Captain America: Blake Wheeler

Aside from Blake Wheeler being the captain of the team and being American, Wheeler represents a lot of what Steve Rogers stands for. Wheeler has started to speak out against the hateful rhetoric that comes from people who hold power. I’m not sure if Blake Wheeler is a good soldier, but he sure seems to try to be a good man.

Hulk: Dustin Byfuglien

Hulk smash. Buff smash. There are literally memes of Dustin’s head photoshopped onto the Hulk’s body. The comparison would never work for any other NHLer, but Byfuglien is a special player. His overwhelming strength, monstrous attacking abilities, and deadpan sarcasm make him a natural choice to assume the role of Banner.

Bucky Barnes: Mark Schiefele

Scheifele’s the versatile all-arounder. While he may not be considered the first star on the squad, his loyalty and service to his team remain appreciated. It doesn’t hurt that he can demolish a goalie with a few well-placed shots. While Mark might not have a bionic arm, he surely has a best friend on the team that he’d give everything to fight for.

Hawkeye: Patrik Laine

Laine’s vision might genuinely surpass Hawkeye. No offense to the keen-eyed archery specialist, but Patrik has the kind of shot goalies internally panic over. The Finnish sniper has incredible accuracy and a vast array of tools to dismantle opponents. When Laine takes a shot, the whole world notices the aftermath.

Iron Man: Connor Hellebuyck

When you need a leader on the ice to lock it down and keep opponents at bay, you call in Iron Connor. This masked Avenger is the lynchpin of his team’s plans for success. Betting everything on Hellebuyck may be risky, but it’s paid off time and again this season. He is the palladium-clad heartbeat of this team through and through.

Quicksilver: Nikolaj Ehlers

Ehlers has pace to burn, and he’ll blow by opponents faster than the time-stopping boots of Quicksilver. Nik’s frame is perfect for fitting between gaps in space before launching his attack. He may not have silver hair or goggles to shield his vision, but he surely has all the speedster hallmarks of the budget Flash.

Spider-Man: Dylan Samberg

Dylan is the quintessential starry-eyed, innocent kid who happens to be on a team of butt-kicking older adults that will drop the gloves at first provocation. Yet, for all the optimism and youthful naiveté, there’s something gritty about this would be web-slinger. Dylan may not be ready to do battle with the biggest boys, but the fledgling Avenger will surely bring his own form of firepower anyways.

Thor: Anthony Bitetto

Bitetto is the guy in the room everyone turns to for a good joke right before he wallops an enemy. His rugged good looks and easy-going demeanour give way to a righteous fury on the ice when it’s go-time. Tony is probably not the God of Thunder, but he sure can make lightning strike when he needs to lay the body.

Ant-Man: Tobias Enstrom

The tiniest Avenger is surprisingly potent. Enstrom was always overlooked because of his shorter stature, but his physical limitations may have made him a more potent defender. Lacking the mobility of teammates like Niksilver or Hawkaine, Ent-Man made do with the tools he had, and to great effect. It was surprisingly difficult to score with him on the ice, and the squad has greatly noticed his absence.

Editor’s Note: Any of the missing Avengers were an editorial decision based on the fact that no player past or present deserved their title.