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Paul Maurice Re-Signs for 3 Years

The Jets believe they have their man behind the bench, and reward him with a 3-year contract.

NHL: Winnipeg Jets at Minnesota Wild David Berding-USA TODAY Sports

Winnipeg is in a constant state of flux, and in an effort to stabilize the situation, the Jets have re-signed head coach Paul Maurice to a 3-year contract extension. Most of you probably know how I feel about a move like this (hint: it isn’t great). For a team that continues to tread the line of mediocrity and has one Conference Finals appearance to show for the talent, this contract is probably bittersweet. Many fans will likely be thrilled with Paul continuing his operations behind the bench, but I only feel skepticism. Unless Maurice can get this team back to where it was a few years ago, this deal won’t feel like much of a win. Let’s hope the wise-cracking coach can steer Winnipeg in the right direction going forward.

NHL: Ottawa Senators at Winnipeg Jets James Carey Lauder-USA TODAY Sports