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New Writers Added

After delays thanks to work and life, Arctic Ice Hockey is calling up new writers for the second round.

Minnesota Wild v Winnipeg Jets - Game Five Photo by Jason Halstead /Getty Images

As some of you know, there has been only three writers for Arctic Ice Hockey for quite a while now. For various reasons we cleaned house and started new. Due to many things happening including report card writing and various difficulties in adding people it hasn’t been until recently that I have been able to add new writers and we have added three.

Please give a warm welcome to them.

Harrison (Codename: HLLivingLocco):

You might know Harrison from our comment section. He fits our profile of being someone who does not live in Winnipeg, but does love the Jets. You can find him on Twitter at @HLLivingLocco.

Connor (Codename: Crockursocks):

Connor is new around these parts and he is not actually living in Winnipeg, but he writes well and we are real excited to have him here. You can follow him on Twitter at @Crockursocks.

Adam (Codename: TheSexyRexy):

Adam has been a long-time defender of Tobias Enstrom so I felt it was time we brought him on board to the Toby Enstrom Fan Blog (just kidding), but in all honesty, Adam has been long in my plans, but thwarted by higher powers until now. You can find him online at @SirSexyRexy.

Please welcome everyone aboard and keep an eye out for their first articles either in game coverage or in stand alone pieces. More writers will be added over time with a specific eye out for people who can bring us diverse perspectives.