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Recap: The New York Rangers find their rang against the Winnipeg Jets

The Jets got beaten fair and square.

New York Rangers v Winnipeg Jets

The Winnipeg Jets started off this game so strong. It looked like they were going to take it to the New York Rangers all night long until they didn’t. After the first period, the Rangers started to control the pace of the game and forced the Jets to be on their heels. If the Jets had capitalized earlier in the game, they might have won.

That said, the Rangers first goal was hilariously bad. It leaked through Connor Hellebuyck so slowly it looked like it was in molasses. Then the Jets went into full breakdown mode and gave up a terrible turnover seconds later. However, Hellebuyck was ready for that one. The rest of the game was a goalie battle and King Henrik was crowned the king in the end.

Ten Thoughts:

  1. I missed both the goal that was called back and Ehlers’ goal doing laundry. I am assuming that the first was called back based on millimetres of air between a skate blade and the ice and the second was beautiful and wonderful like Ehlers is.
  2. As you should know, the Winter Olympics are on right now. The beautiful thing about the commentary is how passionate the commentators are about the sport they are calling. I do not want Rob Snoek and Craig McMorris calling a hockey game, although it would be funny for a bit, I would love it if hockey had some announcers who showed their love of the sport as much as McMorris loves snowboarding.
  3. The Rangers goal was legit hilarious. It just slowly went into the net and no one knew what to do about it.
  4. Note to the Jets: do not hit players into your goalie at any point, but especially after the whistle is blown. Nothing good will come out of it.
  5. Late hit on Tobias Enstrom leads to Enstrom leaving the game. The hit was late, but probably not suspendable or even finable so I have no clue what TSN was talking about when they said it would be looked at. Sometimes a two minute penalty is just a two minute penalty.
  6. Everyone says Matt Hendricks for some reason. Here is the thing about Matt Hendricks: he is not good and he gets credit for helping his team by doing things like working hard. He is a glorified Chris Thorburn. Him getting credit in the Jets winning is like Shawn Thornton getting credit for the Bruins winning because he can count. Hendricks might be a great guy, but he is not a great hockey player and every positive thing being credited to him is stupid. Enstrom did not return because he saw Hendricks bleeding; Enstrom returned because he was feeling good enough to return. Period. No question.
  7. The Jets were out-attempted 35-18 in the second. Now, that includes power plays, but still. That is not how you win games.
  8. Mats Zuccarello is a good player and if the Jets did not have an abundance of good wingers I would recommend they look into trading for him.
  9. Blake Wheeler is starting to look more like himself now that he is not at centre. That is huge as the Jets have been without on of their best controlled-zone-entry guys back on the wing where he belongs.
  10. The Jets got goaltended today. Sadly, there were no death stares.