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Recap: Jets beat Sabres on the plain where the Buffalo roam

I am so, so sorry for the title. That is all.

Winnipeg Jets v Buffalo Sabres Photo by Kevin Hoffman/Getty Images

Ah the Buffalo Sabres and the Winnipeg Jets. The Sabres are the opposite of good and the Jets are the opposite of bad and this game showcased that. On the strength of Kyle Connor being awesome, the Jets won 7-4 and Steve Mason was able to give the Jets a solid, if unspectacular performance.

The Jets leaned on their hardened young offence to counteract Jack Eichel trying to lead a very bad team to a win over a very good team. It did not work, but he tried so hard. Eh, what can you say, the Jets are good.

(Also, Kyle Connor’s second goal was awesome and you should find a clip of it and watch it all night long)
Editor’s Note: Oh, here it is!

Ten Thoughts:

  1. The Jets might have muddled along for years with little direction, but the moment they traded Andrew Ladd and opened up some spots up front for younger players, they started to become a better team. Without trading Ladd, they would not have opened up spots for those players and aged the Jets more. Instead, they renewed their forward core through drafted players. Basically, they are finally building what was never built before.
  2. It is so nice that Kyle Connor was simply not ready for the NHL last year based on his play this year. He is a great player and seeing him succeed is fantastic.
  3. Do you ever find yourself not missing Mark Scheifele? Just me? I like the guy, but the Jets have not missed a step. BUT DO NOT TRADE HIM UNTIL HE IS OLD AND GREY.
  4. According to everyone’s favourite #NotedJerk and Sabres writer, Joe Yerdon, the Sabres are always this painful to watch.
  5. I’ve watched a lot of opposition broadcasts this year and the Sabres broadcast is a delight. They have only 10 wins on the year and you can tell. They spent some down time analyzing Christian Ruutu’s hair and beard because there is little else to do when your team is so bad.
  6. Steve Mason is essentially the backup goalie right now and he is performing this job without complaint.
  7. Robin Lehner is probably more famous for his temper than for his goaltending skills which says a lot. He can have good games, but his temper is always there.
  8. The Jets were up 6-2 and then they started collapsing again. As good as they have been, their end of game issues should not be ignored because they are winning.
  9. Blake Wheeler should not be blocking shots with his back. It’s just a bad idea and the Jets almost lost another guy because of this reckless behaviour.
  10. Pour one out for Sabres fans who have had to watch this abomination for far too long. I give them a lot of credit for still going to games.