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Recap: Winnipeg Jets win streak blown away by the Chicago Blackhawks

The Jets finally lose one.

Winnipeg Jets v Chicago Blackhawks Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The Winnipeg Jets have been playing lights out since about December. Their legitimate good play has made them look like a contender and that is a good thing. They have been chugging along and tonight they hit a minor snow storm.

The Jets did not play poorly, but the Chicago Blackhawks earned their win tonight by having good sticks and superb timely goaltending. That’s all. Now en y va to Minnesota for their last game before their bye week.

Ten Thoughts

  1. The Winnipeg Jets managed to work some miracles and got Michael Hutchinson to Chicago in record time after Steve Mason came down with the plague. Good on them.
  2. The Hawks are an odd team in that they look like they have the talent to be good and yet their record this year shows they are slipping further and further back. What happened?
  3. I feel like the Jets cannot play in Chicago without mention of the time a Hawks fan stole Adam Pardy’s helmet.
  4. Jeff Glass sighting! Last seen (by me) in 2003 behind the Super Team aka the Grand Forks World Junior team.
  5. The Jets are injured enough I can no longer tell who is playing centre and who isn’t, but that’s almost a good thing because that means everyone is playing well.
  6. Small shout out to my favourite fourth liner Marko Dano who makes things happen with Jack Roslovic. Dano might never amount to much more than a solid fourth liner, but I shall love him anyways.
  7. This game has had the feeling of first goal wins since the beginning. It’s been a frustrating game to watch because it feels like the Hawks are back to their old smothering ways.
  8. Jack Roslovic got promoted to the third line. Well-deserved promotion for the 20 year old who has lit up the AHL this season.
  9. Patrik Laine seems to be more engaged lately. He was not bad earlier this season, but he genuinely looks like something has clicked for him and he is more in sync than before.
  10. I found the Sochi Goal Post in time for Pyeongchang!