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Top 25 Under 25: Number 3 Patrik Laine

Will the young star continue to improve this season?

Winnipeg Jets v Los Angeles Kings Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Patrik Laine comes in at number three on the Winnipeg Jets top 25 under 25 and only because the top two players are equally stellar. Laine’s skill put him in the top three. The young forward can score goals in bundles and that was with limited power play effectiveness. While he is not the best at pushing play yet, he is still good enough that he does not bring players down when he is playing with them.

The only down part in Laine’s season was when he was out with a concussion. The Jets clearly missed his ability to score goals without even trying. Furthermore, when teams started marking Laine as the shooter, he was able to show that he is an equally good passer and was able to set up players for open shots. It is clear why Laine is easily in the top three for the Jets top 25 under 25.

Tim: Laine is not a complete player yet, but he is sure dynamic. Laine flirted with a point per game for most of the season and looks like he could challenge for the Rocket Richard Trophy in coming years. There is a lot to like here.

Brian: I'm still shocked that the Jets actually were able to select Patrik Laine last year. He's been a treat to watch, and will remain to be a staple in the lineup for years to come.

Andy: I'm not sure who's luckier, the Winnipeg Jets or Patrik Laine. The Jets were certainly lucky to snag him during their appearance at the #2 position in the entry draft, but Laine was lucky too, in that he now gets to play with the likes of Scheifele, Ehlers, Wheeler, et al.. A spectacular rookie season, he's certainly going to want to build upon that going into the dreaded sophomore season.