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Top 25 Under 25: Number 15 Eric Comrie

Is the young goalie ready for the NHL?

Winnipeg Jets v Columbus Blue Jackets Photo by Kirk Irwin/Getty Images

Eric Comrie is currently the youngest goalie playing professionally for the Winnipeg Jets right now. He has played on a weak Manitoba Moose team and his numbers reflect that. However, the greater concern with every goalie in the Jets system is if they have strong technique that will not be coached out of them. That said, Comrie could use more time in the AHL as a starter and then hopefully challenge for a spot in the NHL.

Tim: I'm not sold on Eric Comrie. I had him 20th. That said, it is hard to sell me on any goalie that isn't crushing it statistically. Comrie is definitely skilled and he has great reflexes, but he is also slightly undersized relative to NHL average and he has not figured out how to stop pucks at the AHL level. While there may be something to the poor team play, the fact that Connor Hellebuyck and Ondrej Pavelec have posted far better numbers over the same period concerns me. We'll see. Goalies are voodoo.

Brian: I think there's a good chance that Comrie is "the guy" for the Jets. Hopefully he isn't ruined by Flaherty before he gets that shot.

Andy: I like Eric Comrie, and I really see him challenging Hellebuyck and Mason sometime in the coming months. Entering the last year of his entry level deal, Comrie's play when called up to the Jets late last year was good. I bit more seasoning with the Moose and the right opportunity for the Jets, and we could see Comrie become a mainstay in the blue paint for a while to come.