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UFA 2017: No big names, just smart moves

Contrary to belief, the Jets do not need a massive change to improve.

Winnipeg Jets v Columbus Blue Jackets Photo by Kirk Irwin/Getty Images

The Winnipeg Jets are not a bad team from top to bottom, their problem is their very obvious holes in goal and with depth players. There is a reason why it should be seen as a positive that the Jets are looking for defensive help, but also be viewed as a problem that they are not looking at players who fill a need where the Jets have one.

The Jets do need a goalie and have been exploring the right type of goalie to properly plug that hole. The other major issue for the Jets is their depth on defense. They do not necessarily need a top-four defender, but they do need a defender who can play in the top four. The Jets depth on defence has been woeful and instead of targeting a player like Karl Alzner, they should be looking at players like Cody Franson or his ilk who have a low price-tag, but can help stabilize a bottom pair. For forwards a player like Nick Bonino would do the job for the Jets, but he might be a bit pricey for them.

The Jets have reasonably good top-end talent. The problems arise when the top six forwards and top four defensemen are not on the ice. To better counteract this affect the Jets need to pursue players who can hold their own against other teams instead of conceding shot after shot against. The Jets might have to make a trade to get the players that they need to make the bottom-end of the Jets better.