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Hockey Wives Season Three: Making Moves

We meet a couple more cast members and see how Martine Auclair-Vlasic feels watching her husband cheer for Canada.

PANDORA Jewellery Partners With Celebrity Couple, Brandon Prust And Maripier Morin Photo by Ernesto Distefano/Getty Images for Pandora Jewelry

Mari-Pier Morin is the focus of the show again and it is kind of annoying with all the interesting women on the show. She does not understand why Brandon Prust does not have a contract yet when he is in the best shape of his life and did not drink at all this season. In a later scene MP is posing for a fashion magazine called Dressed to Kill and the poses look really, really uncomfortable.

Things get a little awkward when MP talks to her manager about how Brandon is kind and generous and does really nice things for everyone, but her. With her he is short tempered and treats her like a piece of shit. This continues after he is cut by the Toronto Maple Leafs and he takes out his frustration on her again.

Emilie Blum is back and I love her. She is pregnant with her and Jon’s first child and they decided that it is best for her to stay in the USA where there is a better support system for her. She had gone to Russia with him last season and one of the women she met over there last year came to visit her. Emilie has also decided to go over to visit Jon as late in her pregnancy as it is the only time that it works with his schedule.

Before she leaves on her epic trip to go visit Jon she has an ultrasound appointment and is able to Facetime with Jon so she could share this moment with him. She then is able to tell him that she will be able to go visit him before the baby comes.

Martine Auclair-Vlasic remains as awesome as she appeared last week. It started off with her and Marc-Eduard organizing a gala in support of an organization that sends disadvantaged kids to camp. This started when she found out that the funds would be cut to the camps and she wanted to fix it. One thing that is going to be a running theme with these two is Marc-Eduard is a massive goofball.

Martine might be the best person on this show simply because she is a massive hockey fan. She does not even want to think about what would happen if Canada does not win the World Cup as it would be letting all of Canada down.

She texted Marc in the middle of the game to get it together before Canada came back to win. Next we get Martine complimenting Marc’s face what bares the scars from a Marian Hossa high stick. Part of the reason she likes the injury is because Hossa is a legend and a classy player who would never do that on purpose.

Vanessa Vandal is a new member of the cast this season and is David Perron’s girlfriend. She is studying interior design while caring for their young son, Mason. Her and Catherine Letang are good friends as well as their partners. Catherine reflects on the stability of Kris’ career while talking to Vanessa about having to move again. The good news this time for them is the fact it is the offseason and they have time to head down early and move in before the season starts. When they pack up and move to St. Louis, their movers damage almost all of their furniture which adds more stress to the move.

Hopefully next week brings more drama and finally some sort of resolution to how Brandon treats MP.