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Winnipeg Jets' 2016 Top 25 Under 25: #19 JC Lipon

More than capable at the AHL level, is JC Lipon the answer for the fourth line?

JC Lipon showing off his stickhandling.
JC Lipon showing off his stickhandling.
Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports
Position DOB Acquired Truck Arby Derek Trevor Ian Brian Cole Daniel Allan Phillip Matt Andy
91st, 2013 25 24 22 26 17
23 19 24 30


Drafted as an over-ager in 2013, we've seen plenty of JC Lipon's pro game in the AHL. It looks like this upcoming season, we might see more of what he can do at the NHL level. In his 9 games last year, he showed that he can handle the NHL game fairly well, which is great considering the depth role the Jets use him in. Many fans believe that he is the long-term solution at the fourth line wing post-Thorburn, and odds are we'll get a chance to see. Given a one year "show me" contract earlier in the offseason, the Jets want to see if Lipon can be trusted at the NHL level or if they should look for another player to fill that spot.

Scoring Statistics:

Scoring isn't exactly Lipon's bread and butter. It's not in his game as much as his agitation. That doesn't mean he doesn't have a scoring touch though. With 30 points on the Moose in 45 games, Lipon shows that he is definitely capable of handling more of a scoring role if it's given to him. No guarantees that it translates to the NHL level, but he has shown that he's able to contribute to the Moose.

AIH Author's Thoughts:

"JC Lipon is a decent passer and solid scrapper. Hard to imagine that he will make the Jets given their overabundance of similar depth players, but he plays an aggressive and entertaining style of hockey."- Truck

"Lipon played 9 games for the Jets last year, and showed lots of speed and tenacity. Lipon is not afraid to get in your face, or plaster it against the glass or boards any chance he gets. Another PoMo player, Lipon was called upon a few times last year to boost the 4th line presence during games, and boy did he deliver. Signed to a one year deal, Lipon will be another player battling for a bottom 6 spot this season." - Andy

"I like Lipon. I enjoy the pest/agitator role when played well, and I think JC could potentially provide it. Basically, I like a guy who could chip in a goal or a fight on any given night instead of the useless enforcer role." - Arby

"Lipon could play on the Jets fourth line but due to the amount of bodies, he may find his way back on the Moose for another year. Regardless of which team he plays on his role will remain the same; A hard nosed player who is more than happy to throw his weight around on the ice." - Ian


JC Lipon is the perfect fit for the fourth line. The only thing stopping him though are the veterans who the Jets would rather play simply due to their contractual status. (A horrid flaw). I fully expect Lipon to get a good amount of ice time this year and cement himself in that fourth line spot by the beginning of next year. What we have with him is our own pest like Brad Marchand, or Brendan Gallagher (albeit on a far lesser scale) but Lipon is certainly able to handle that role.

Any thoughts on our #19 player under 25, JC Lipon? Let us know down in the comment section!