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Instant Recap: Jets Fly out of the Mile High City on a High

The Winnipeg Jets won? (I think they did, at least)

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Winnipeg Jets went into Denver to Colorado Avalanche on a lsoing streak and ended it by being awesome and scoring goals...and letting me go to sleep before midnight. If this is inaccurate, I fell asleep watching the game.

1. Mikhail Grigorenko is in the NHL, on the first line, and scoring opening goals. There was some shoddy puck-tracking by Michael Hutchinson following a bad penalty by Dustin Byfuglien. Sounds like a common theme for the Jets of lately.

2. Patrick Roy wants the Avs to worry about possession and reduce shots against. When did he start to think this way and what has he done with the really bad, but hugely entertaining coach of earlier this season?

3. I'm conflicted on Andrew Ladd. He has 13 goals, which is good. He also seems to constantly be playing injured which could shorten his career. He is a good player still, but is he worth the money he is asking? Who would replace him if he leaves? IS THERE A SUCCESSION PLAN? Anyways, nice goal tonight.

4. The Jets are not a good team. The Avs are a horrible team. There is a difference.

5. Yes, the Jets are probably targeted by refs because they take a lot of dumb, lazy penalties. So cut the crap and those 50/50 calls go your way.

6. Patrick Roy lost his mind when a goal was not called back. This is glorious stuff because Varlamov ran into Ladd and not the other way around. AND THEN ROY GOT A PENALTY AND EVERYTHING WAS RAINBOWS AND PONIES.

7. Joel Armia has had a really nice game. Strong board work and really good work to get the puck to the point on the Jets third goal. Give him credit, he has been decent.

8. Mathieu Perreault scored a pretty, pretty goal by putting on the brakes and dekeing everyone, even his own teammate. So good.

9. NIKOLAJ EHLERS IS A long as his opponent is Tyson Barrie.

10. I fell asleep, sorry folks.