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AIH 20416 Ep. 23: Byfuglien, Pavelec & the Battle of Ontario

Milan Michalek took the news pretty hard.
Milan Michalek took the news pretty hard.
Claus Andersen/Getty Images

Hello everyone, and happy belated Valentine's Day! Between Dustin Byfuglien's extension, Connor Hellebuyck's reassignment and the Dion Phaneuf trade, there was a whole lot to talk about! Things! Action! Excitement!

In Episode 23's prelude, we first spoke of re-signing Dustin Byfuglien as both a top-five moment for the organization and truly a negotiated settlement, while debating over what the Winnipeg Jets need to become a contender in the not too distant future. Potential d-corps fallout from the Buff extension, Travis Hamonic, the Winnipeg Jets as sellers, Hellebuyck's demotion as a win-win situation (and possible indicator of direction from the organization), Part 2 of Alan's 1-to-10 numeric scale, and more!

23 episodes in, the show hosted by two folks living in Toronto finally engaged in some Leafs talk! Let the record show that Alan expressed hope for a contending Toronto Maple Leafs team in the future. #NeverForget.

Assisting us in this endeavour was @tanyarezak of Pension Plan Puppets, who first explained how the Orlando Solar Bears were a gateway drug to joining Leafs Nation. Topics included reaction to the Dion Phaneuf trade, an organization ruthlessly rebuilding while putting pragmatism over loyalty, the pleasantly surprising hockey market which is Orlando, news on their affiliation front and predicting when the Phaneuf contract will become a real anchor for the Ottawa Senators. Our guest and I also had a moment over both Alexander Nylander and Mark Hunter, much to Alan's chagrin.

Representing the bad guys other side of this Battle of Ontario was @Sheer_Rossyness of @silversevensens. Alan recounted his time as an Ottawa Senators fan, before gracefully pivoting to the Dion Phaneuf trade. Yet again, we ran the gamut of talking points: Phaneuf's role on Ottawa's blueline, whether Jared Cowen is salvageable, missing Milan Michalek, Ottawa's confusing direction, what number Mike Hoffman's next contract starts with, the list goes on. Find out our guest's position on if the Senators should be interested in a Jonathan Drouin for Cody Ceci swap!

We capped things off with a little bit of Ondrej Pavelec talk; come listen to Alan lose us listeners!

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