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Winnipeg Jets Top 25 Under 25: #12 Jack Roslovic

"Give me a minute, I'm good. Give me an hour, I'm great. Give me six months, I'm unbeatable." - Col. John "Hannibal" Smith - The A-Team

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#25, 2015











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Everyone has heard the phrase "good things come to those who wait", right? Jack Roslovic is one of these players worth waiting for. Committed to the NCAA for the upcoming year, the playmaking RW/C will have a few years to gain experience, mature as a player and a person, and add to his frame.

The Jets acquired the 25th overall selection in the Evander Kane/Zach Bogosian blockbuster with Buffalo, and as such, I feel compelled to send the Sabres a thank you card. Not for taking the players they did from the Jets, but for giving us the pick which lead to Roslovic becoming Winnipeg Jets property. As our very own Derek Gagnon included, Jack Roslovic is an exciting prospect who has benefited from having two strong line mates in the past, showing the ability to mesh well with more heralded players.


AIH Authors' Thoughts


I was initially not too happy about this draft pick, but after looking more into the selection, I really like it. After a few years at Miami of Ohio, I believe Roslovic will wind up impressing in the NHL.


Thought to be a reach when he was drafted considering the players that were still available at 25th overall. Still, he looks to be quite the pick by the Jets. Going to the NCAA should indicate we won't see him for another 2-3 years unless he dominates like Trouba did. Being able to play both centre and right wing will certainly help the Jets whenever he arrives.


I was not overly pleased with this pick, as it was another of Chevy's classic "reaches" this past summer, but Roslovic was deservedly a top-35 pick in a deep draft so all is well. Being a top player in the USHL seems like one of those "big fish in a small pond" deals, but Chevy's scouts seem high on him and their track record is pretty okay.


I like the 3 top picks the Jets made this year (Roslovic, Harkins and Connor)! They will be stellar players for the Jets, and potentially a top line. Roslovic is in a bit of a log jam at C, but he also plays RW, and this will be his saving grace as a multi-dimensional player. Could Roslovic turn pro in 2016-17? Maybe.

Scouting Reports:

Here's The Hockey Writers on Jack Roslovic:

Roslovic is an energetic forward who brings a lot of speed and impulses to the ice. The 18 year old is a very agile skater with explosive first steps and can go in different directions very fast while still handling the puck. He is able to dance through the offensive zone with good puck protection and fast turns. Roslovic is good in traffic areas and a decent puckhandler and possesses a solid own zone play.

He takes his defensive responsibilities serious and backchecks well. He works very hard on the ice and is willing to battle in each shift. Shows great work ethic and can be found everywhere on the ice. He plays with a tremendous energy level in each and every shift. His good speed makes it possible for him to play a good dump and chase game. Roslovic is rather a playmaking forward than a shooter.

Chris Dilks at SB Nation College Hockey had this to say:

Roslovic has always been a player with great hands. Last year, he hadn't quite filled out enough to make a big impact with the U17 team. This year, he's added a little weight and made a bigger impact in some of the USHL games I've seen the NTDP play, but wasn't much of a factor against older, bigger NCAA competition. He's on the path, but he's not quite there yet. He still needs a few years to develop, but his playmaking ability is an exciting asset.

And finally, Today's Slapshot had these comments:

Versatile forward Jack Roslovic can play either wing or center, though he seems to have found more success at right wing with the U.S. National U18 Team. A pure offensive talent, he has incredible acceleration and overall footspeed. He has exceptional vision and hockey sense and, when on top of his game, Roslovic knows where all his linemates are at any given time, allowing him to dish precision passes from any spot on the ice.

The biggest need for Roslovic is that he needs to find more consistency to his game. The forward also needs to bulk up a bit to increase his strength and there is some room for improvement to his defensive game as well. He always looks to pass first, which is a good trait to have, but he can definitely shoot more as he has underrated goal-scoring ability.



So, what do you think? Did the Jets do well by drafting Roslovic?  Should we be concerned by his high-skilledhigh-profile linemates? Tell us your thoughts below, and keep yer stick on the ice!