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JetStream Podcast: The End

A goodbye from the guys.

Well, this is sooner than any of us expected.

As I'm sure many of you saw last week on Twitter, the JetStream Podcast has officially come to a rather unexpected and abrupt ending. First, to be clear, we are all okay and perfectly healthy. We have received a few questions in regards to our health and I can ensure you that is not why we have had to end the show. We aren't in a position to fully explain the circumstances, but know that we wish it didn't have to come to an end.

That being said Joe, Neil and I want to express our sincerest gratitude to every one of you that tuned in over the past 79 episodes. When we started the show we never really expected it to gain the following that it did, and we appreciate every single one of you that helped make the show as enjoyable as it became. Trust me when I say it is very disappointing to us that we can't continue to debate, laugh, and come up with crazy segments for you to enjoy. The people we had to opportunities to meet and interact with over the duration of the show helped make it an unforgettable experience.

We have a few people we would like to thank directly, including for allowing me to start posting our episodes, Arctic Ice Hockey for picking us up and really launching us to a whole new level, and Garret Hohl, Ryan Blight, Tim Bonnar and Trevor Maughan for being some of our most popular guests.

At this point I'd love to say that JetStream will be back one day, but I don't think I can guarantee it right now. What I can say is that the three of us will be thinking up ways that we can return in one form or another and that we want to be back soon, so keep your eyes open. For now, thank you all once again.

Go Jets Go.

- The JetStream Guys