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AIH Superfans: Episode 2

We're back for episode 2 of the Winnipeg Jets podcast. WARNING! Content may contain foul language and cause some listeners to lose a brain cell or two.

The Superfans are back for episode two of the @AIHSuperfans podcast, and the kool-aid was freely flowing in the studio. Literally! We also had a special guest join us, as Carlo Todaro (@juventus777JETS) tried to be a fireman and put out the heat of our #hottaeks. Amazingly, him and @arby_18 agreed on stuff, while @sadsackjetsfan sweated from the heat and @bigpapipegcity played with some velcro.

This week, the topics included how the Bombers are open season for criticism in this town but the Jets are not, more talk on the UFA issues with this team (Andrew Ladd, Dustin Byfuglien, Jim Slater (!!!) and the Michael Frolik debacle), and we also talk about Evander Kane and how many goals he'll score in Buffalo. Dare to take on @sliiiiip and the big bet he's willing to lay down? And of course, the #AskTheSuperfans segment including which Winnipeg Jets player we'd want to kiss. Check out the show now!

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So tune in, let us know how we did and remember to send your questions our way by either tweeting @AIHSuperfans with the #AskTheSuperfans hashtag, or via email at