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Say it ain't Fro! Michael Frolik may go, but he is replaceable.

It's hard to believe that Michael Frolik has only been a member of the Jets for two seasons now. Fro came to the Jets in a deal fresh after the Chicago Blackhawks won the Cup in 2013. With the two draft picks sent the other way, Chicago drafted John Hayden and Luke Johnson so personally, I think we won that deal.

If you were Chevy, would you offer sheet Colin Wilson? Or pay 6 Million for Fro?
If you were Chevy, would you offer sheet Colin Wilson? Or pay 6 Million for Fro?
Mike Strasinger-USA TODAY Sports

Michael Frolik is a rock-solid player who's agent apparently suggests could fetch up to 6 million from some teams in the league. That number seem too high, I think so and I believe the Jets brass does too. The fact remains that the Leafs paid David Clarkson 5.5 and Panthers ponied up 5.5 for Dave Bolland. Frolik is better than both those guys. Should the Jets spend 5 to 6 million on Frolik?  At that price, I must respond "Say it ain't Fro!"

While losing Frolik might suck, he was acquire as an RFA from as cap strapped team - he could be replaced the same way.

On Tuesday it was announced that the salary cap for 2015-16 will be 71.4 million and it is clear that there are several teams who won't be able to retain their Free Agent, both restricted and unrestricted. Chevy has proven himself very savvy in these situations in the past (see above) and I think that he can find another Frolik fairly easily. Having just learned about through fellow contributor Arby I thought I might speculate on some people the Jets could target.

CHI - Marcus Kruger

With 63 and change committed to 13 players, the Chicago Blackhawks are clearly in cap hell.  Changes are coming and as we know, the Chicago Blackhawks have shown before they are not afraid to deal assets at the draft - if not here comes the offer sheets. Kruger is used as a depth forward. He is given tough assignments and he wins. Even if he doesn't score a ton, he frees up other players to play easier minutes. Personally I would be surprised if he was a Blackhawk next year given their track record. (see above for Fro and Bolland)  If the Jets could get acquire Kruger and sign him at 3M a year or less I would be very happy.

NYR - Carl Hagelin

The New York Rangers are also in a crunch based on 59.5M committed to 15 players.  They have a number of quality RFAs that they will want to sign, and not enough money to do so.  Hagelin would be a great addition to the Jets' third line a respectable backup centreman at around 3.5 million. Hagelin, like Perrault and could likely be signed for a similar contract of $3M for 3 years. That deal might not fit within the Rangers' salary cap structure.

LA - Tyler Toffoli

The LA Kings are may have missed the playoffs, but they remain a legitimate Stanley Cup contender. They also remain tightly pressed against the NHL's cap ceiling. Meanwhile, one of their better young players is an RFA and looking for a raise. The King's may not want to trade Toffoli, but they may not be able to afford him and this makes him a potential trade target.

Final Thoughts

I love Michael Frolik and I would be over the moon if he stayed for the right price and term. I would be comfortable with the Jets organization paying him 4.25 over 5 years.  I also believe that Frolik wants to win and so I feel he will end up with one of the teams below in this order.

Winnipeg Jets - He likes it here, and we could trade Buff to afford him! Predicted salary 4.5-5M

Anaheim Ducks - Have a surprising amount of cap left and he might sign for less to win now. Predicted salary 4.25M