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Pilot's Logbook: Adam Lowry

Marianne Helm/Getty Images


Adam Lowry isn't flashy and he doesn't score a lot, but his play left very few Winnipeg Jets fans asking for more. To put it simply, Adam Lowry is a defensive stud. Even with just a single season under his belt, the Winnipeg Jets second best 21 year old center managed to play through his rookie season with just a handful of notable errors.

Lowry is incredibly smart and plays and extremely sound positional game. He also hits like a truck. The results that he put forth as a rookie leave Jets fans drooling about his potential as a long term shutdown option down the middle of the ice.

The above table tells a similar tale to what was stated above. Adam Lowry played third line ice time and he was a stellar shutdown player in these minutes. His ability to suppress shots was beyond notable. His net possession numbers were damn impressive too. Lowry's ability to defend far outweighed any downside on the score sheet. He finished third on the team in Corsi For %, behind only Mathieu Perreault and Michael Frolik.

The Future

Adam Lowry has completed the first two years of his three year entry level contract. He is a lock for the Jets' third line next year and he is no doubt in the plans for well beyond that. The big question for fans over the next few seasons will be about Lowry's ceiling. Can he find more of a scoring touch? If so, where will it top out? Lowry is already a quality third line center, could a spot in the top six be a possibility.

What did you think of Adam Lowry this year?