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Recap: Jets lose in OT. I have all the sads.

The Jets lost in overtime against the Canucks tonight. In other news, I have hit the proverbial wall. The wall I hit was vaguely shaped like a Jets logo. Why can you not just win a thing? Just one thing? Is that too much to ask?

Pretty much the game in a nutshell. Nightmares.
Pretty much the game in a nutshell. Nightmares.
Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

Hello friends. You get me again for another article today. I don't apologize in advance for any jokes I may make that make you angry or for saying I like players who you hate with a passion. Sorry, not sorry. It's been a long, long day and to cap it off with another Jets loss is disappointing.

Yes, you heard that right. The Jets lost tonight to the Vancouver Canucks. Lots of penalties. Lots of scraps. Not enough goals. Not enough follow through. Same old, same old. *sigh* Okay, let's do this thing, gang.

Some Thoughts

(I say some because I think I'm coming down with the deathflu that's going around my office and don't know if I can make 10 tonight)

-Evander Kane being a healthy scratch tonight was pretty baffling to be honest. According to those who know things it was a disciplinary action as he was apparently late for a practice or something. I don't know the details, but twitter exploded with trade rumours. As per usual.

-With Kane being out, Dustin Byfuglien was moved back to forward which is maddening since he doesn't play his best there. He doesn't like it there. It disagrees with his personal being. It's also maddening because when you don't have an extra forward, you don't scratch a forward to prove some point to him about discipline or some garbage. I get that you need him to comply with team rules but scratching him for a game punishes not just him, but the entire team as well. I have a lot of experience and education regarding disciplinary issues and behaviour management, Mr. Maurice. We should talk.

-Anthony Peluso stands out particularly in my mind tonight as making very poor choices that could very well get him a shiny suspension and it would be well deserved, in my opinion at least. His hit on Dan Hamhuis (who I can't help but refer to as Dave Ham House for unknown reasons) was pretty not okay at all.

-The goal scorers for the Jets tonight are pretty awesome. One could even say that Bryan Little is resembling a very talented marsupial.

-I've run out of a lot of my usual whimsy and exuberance today, friends. I don't know what to even say anymore about this team that I haven't said a billion times over. At some point, Cheveldayoff is going to have to make decisions regarding this team and its members. A trade is long overdue. The fourth line is a giant pile of poopsicles. The defense is largely broken and vaguely stinky.

-Penalties are annoying and stupid regardless of whether or not they're deserved.


It's not even the next game yet and I've already got Bingo, dammit.

-Funny, but sad because it's actually what happened tonight.

-In some fun news though, Ronalds Kenins scored his second NHL goal ever tonight and that was pretty fun except he plays for the Canucks and dammit....

Nevertheless though, I predicted that he was one to watch and therefore I am MAGIC.

-Oh! I have something good to share with you all! It's not Jets related, but it's fun as all heck. Carter Hutton made this AH-MAZ-ING save tonight.

So... there's that I guess.

I don't know. I'm frustrated with this team right now. I know it's not the end of the season and there's still games to play and blah blah, but it's frustrating watching them play like it's their first day on ice and they don't know how to successfully hockey. Bonus though is that it wasn't the total blowout I had predicted and the Jets did have some great moments tonight. Pavelec looked alright. Trouba could have potentially had a goal but it was called back for goalie interference. Lowry is fun, but needs to keep his emotions in check a little bit better.

How are you feeling? Have you got some hope left that things will get better soon? Are you in the depths of despair?