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Recap: Jets beat Devils 3-1, Blake Wheeler did something

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The Winnipeg Jets continue their roll by defeating the New Jersey Devils 3-1 in convincing fashion.

Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

Ten thoughts

1) Holy smokes what a goal from Blake Wheeler. Watch it closely, he's indicating he will shoot short side the entire time.  He even has his stick pointing to the left side after the shot, but the puck rolls off of his stick early and goes top cheese on the right side. Has he been working on his shot? That was elite.

2) Nikolaj Ehlers had many chances to put the puck in. Looks much more confident this game. He does not need to change a thing.

3) What a beauty pass from Perreault. Puck by his side, indicating shoot. Face looking at net, indicating shoot. Nah let's do a cross the body no look pass! Boom Andrew "El Capitano" Ladd puts it in.

4) Speaking of Ladd, have we found enough money to keep him yet? Pay that man his money!

5) One systems change that seems apparent is the forechecker will always go deep and take away the D to D pass. In previous seasons the forechecker would not go as deep, instead trying to prevent forward movement of the puck.

6) Michael Hutchinson seemed really shaky early in the game. Nice to see he settled his nerves down.

7) Lee Stempniak and Jiri Tlusty. First unit power play material? Are the New Jersey Devils that bad?

8) The Jets continue to play a fast game. But what is much improved this year is their quicker decision making. Coach Paul Maurice talked a lot about this during the preseason.

9) Buff was a monster out there.  Pay that man too. Congrats on the kid buddy.


Next up: The New York Islanders at noon Monday.