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Jets LOSE 5-2 to the Stars

Are we all still awake? Are we all drinking? Have we given up already? Is it time to climb onto the drama llama?

Yep. Four Jets just standing there looking at stuff. Sounds about right.
Yep. Four Jets just standing there looking at stuff. Sounds about right.
Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports


Double sigh.

The Jets lost tonight against the Dallas Stars making this their third loss in a row. I am incredibly exhausted and am pretty much phoning this recap in which is fitting since the Jets pretty much did the same in the game tonight.

The first period was bland. The second period was frustrating. The third period was maddening.

Essentially, this describes the game:

Also, Dustin Byfuglien may or may not have bit a guy. More on that later.

Some Thoughts

- What is wrong with Zach Bogosian? He is clearly going through some things because this game was a nightmare. Bogo took two (TWO!) slashing penalties against Antoine Roussel and shortly thereafter he found his little behind plastered to the bench by Paul Maurice. Grand total TOI tonight for Mr. Bogosian? 9:34. And that was more than enough.

-Can't talk about this game without talking about the penalties can we? 12 of the 17 penalties that were actually called in this game came against the Jets. Some were justified (Hello, Bogosian!), some were kind of lame. The Stars got away with a too many men penalty at one point that corresponded with one of their goals. I don't know. I have no real thoughts on this. A lack of discipline? Perhaps. The refs being a pile of turds? Perhaps.

-Now these penalties wouldn't have meant much if the Jets were playing like they had been a few short months ago when they could brush these things off and be okay.

I do, Mr. Tait. I do.

-Byfuglien was absolutely hilarious tonight.

Are you kidding me? That's funny. I don't even care about whether it was right or wrong or whatever. It's hilarious. In addition to this little headlocking act, Byfuglien got involved in a bit of a tussle with Travis Moen after which Moen stated that Buff actually bit him. Now, luckily, I am a crappy viner and caught the "bite" in question:

Now, if you look really close at the video evidence, you will see no actual closing of the mouth onto the skin. Therefore, no bite. So there, Stars fans.

-A good moment though was when Ladd got the Jets first goal of the night and there was much rejoicing. I have a lot of love for Andrew Ladd and seeing him scores goals makes me a happy panda. The onslaught of Stars goals made me want to throw things, but at least Ladd was able to get a goal.

-Apparently, the Jets dominated puck possession tonight.

Thanks penalties!

-Kari Lehtonen was pretty decent tonight for a guy that has had some epic struggles. .950 sv%? Okay. So... thanks for being good when we needed you to be terrible I guess.

-I watched this game with my husband and he couldn't stop laughing at Jason Spezza's ears sticking out from his helmet. Then Shawn Horcroff's ears sticking out of his helmet. Then I showed him a picture of Chris Thorburn and he lost it.

-Where in the world is Evander Kane? Seriously. He hasn't been shining as much as I expected him to and that's pretty sad. I will go on record as stating that I adore Evander Kane, but he's invisible. I had hoped to see him making some sort of big statement this season what with his bragging about 50 goals and all. I don't know. Perhaps, I expected too much of him. I am full of comflicted feels about this particular individual.

-I'm glad that Tyler Seguin didn't score because every time he does a little piece of my soul withers and dies. Thank you for not doing that to me tonight, TyTy. I appreciate it. I know, I know. You got some assists. That's okay. I can deal with that. The goals are what kills me.

-Here is a haiku I wrote for you: