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FlightZone: Appreciating LLW

Your morning links, carefully curated to include only cold takes.

Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports

ConferenceIII News

The Winnipeg Jets have a good top line. (Winnipeg Free Press)

Tyler Seguin thinks the Boston Bruins traded him to soon. (The Players Tribune)

Nathan MacKinnon's sophomore year has been hampered by the lack of quality team around him. (

Jarrod Maidens has been living in hell dealing with headaches due to a concussion when he was 17. (CBC)

NHL News

The salary cap will go up this offseason. (ESPN)

No word if Red Army is showing in Winnipeg, but it sounds like a good movie. (National Post)

When Honda heard why Alex Ovechkin wanted a car so badly at the All Star Draft, they gave him one. (

The players took the All Star Draft really seriously. (

The young guns team in the World Cup of Hockey is a dumb idea. (Grantland)

Nick Foligno and the surgery that saved his daughter's life. (ESPN)

Some of the biggest surprises of the NHL season so far. (Winnipeg Free Press)

Play for the Cardiff Devils and research cancer? Yes, of course (Wales Online)